Water chiller

21WK0LK57 Cooler

Function description of the cooling system

The task of the system is to ensure that a cold water tank is cooled to a selected value.

Technical data:

Unit designation: Cooler
Type: 21WK0LK57
Evaporator capacity: 20 kw
Evaporator temp.: 0°C
Condensation temp.: 57.0°C
Coolant: R134a
Fill amount: 12 kg
Connection power: 23 kW
Voltage supply: 3~ 400V
Dimensions unit 1 Length 1800mm
Width 1100mm
Height: 2000mm
Weight: 400kg
Dimensions unit 2 Length: 1700mm
Width: 1000mm
Height: 1500mm
Weight: 400kg

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