Industrial cooling

KUSTEC industrial cooling systems are specially tailored to your cooling requirements. Our devices are characterised by a compact design, high performance and optimal energy efficiency.

Indexing table-cooling steel rings

The device is designed to cool an indexing table that is fitted with heated steel rings. Cooling is carried out using air that is blown onto the steel rings.

In order to design the device to be more energy-efficient, the air that is blown onto the steel rings is suctioned and thus an air circuit is formed.

Unit designation: Indexing table-cooling steel rings
Evaporator capacity: 4.5 kW
Evaporator temp.: 5.°C
Condensation temp.: 45.0°C
Connection power: 2.0 kW
Voltage supply: 3~ 400V
Dimensions: Length: 1050mm
Width: 700mm
Height: 493mm
Weight: 110kg


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