Worldwide increasing demand for hydrogen cooling systems

The demand of environmental friendly technologies for the automotive industry increases exponentially, and this opens new possibilities for a novel player in the mobility sector, the hydrogen. An energy carrier that could allow to store energy from renewable sources and release it with the production of only water as exhaust gas. This is why the hydrogen sector has experienced a tremendous development in the last years, and could represent a convincing alternative to fossil fuels. Just think that only in Korea 6,2 millions of hydrogen vehicles are foreseen within 2040.

KUSTEC is the ideal partner for the production of cooling systems for hydrogen refuelling stations. We are proud of ten years of experience in the field and have references all over the world.

The refrigeration systems developed by KUSTEC comply with the SAE J2601 standard.

KUSTEC systems can be customized to fit the customer’s needs. Direct expansion systems are always preferred. They require less energy than systems with secondary coolant loop. KUSTEC systems can be provided with Plate heat exchanger or Alublock, and can be designed for more hydrogen dispensers.


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KUSTEC is a worldwide operating company that has been producing innovative refrigeration machines for hydrogen cooling in automotive hydrogen filling stations for over 10 years. Our aim is to offer our customers a worldwide service for our refrigeration systems. Therefore, we want to continuously expand our Partner network and are looking for experienced refrigeration companies who can take on site commissioning and maintenance work

Currently we are looking for partners in the following countries:

Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, England, USA, Scotland, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea, India, Australia and France.

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