You have a project involving hydrogen?

The energy sector is experiencing an upheaval and, if the challenges of future mobility are to be met, hydrogen will play a key role in that. Hydrogen is a very light gas that mixes rapidly with ambient air. When used In fuel cells, hydrogen combines with the oxygen in air to generate electricity. The only byproduct is water.

KUSTEC Kälte- und Systemtechnik GmbH puts an international enterprise on your side that has been manufacturing innovative refrigeration machinery for more than 10 years to cool hydrogen at automobile hydrogen filling stations.

The refrigerant systems developed by KUSTEC make filling up with hydrogen possible according to the internationally applicable SAE J2601 norm.

Our system, with direct vaporization in the plate heat exchanger, uses less energy than refrigerant systems and can be adapted to customer preferences.

Operating these systems is also possible with a variety of fuel dispensers.

Join the KUSTEC service partners!

KUSTEC is a worldwide operating company that has been producing innovative refrigeration machines for hydrogen cooling in automotive hydrogen filling stations for over 10 years. Our aim is to offer our customers a worldwide service for our refrigeration systems. Therefore, we want to continuously expand our Partner network and are looking for experienced refrigeration companies who can take on site commissioning and maintenance work

Currently we are looking for partners in the following countries:

Germany, Netherlands, Sweden, England, USA, Scotland, Italy, Japan, China, South Korea, India, Australia and Poland.

What to Expect:

  • Interesting projects
  • Excellent training
  • Creative, dedicated team

What we offer:

  • Cooperation Agreement
  • Protected service Area

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