Project "Hall air conditioning for logistics center"

4000m² cold store +15°C to +25°C 12 m height

3 pcs. R290 heat pumps (redundant)
Outdoor installation
Cooling operation 150 kW each / heating operation 110 kW each

Planning and equipping the plant room with redundant mains and charging pumps, hydraulic separator, buffer and intelligent load management

The requirement to use natural refrigerants to meet the heating and cooling requirements determined by us was implemented after careful planning using heat pumps with the natural refrigerant R290 (propane).

The appropriately tempered ethylene glycol is conveyed to a machine room separated from the warehouse. All control components, pumps, containers and the control center are housed there.

19 fan coil units and 20 air circulation fans ensure optimum temperature distribution in the warehouse. The low-temperature heat exchangers in combination with high air flow rates allow maximum efficiency values and therefore very low energy costs.   

1) Air conditioning for pharmaceutical logistics warehouse +15 to +25°C

  • Complete technical room equipment
  • 3 heat pumps110 kW heating and 150 kW cooling Ethylene glycol 34% +6°C/+12°C +35°C/+30°C
  • Energy efficiency: EER 2.5 / SCOP 2.96
  • 19 pcs. Fan coil units 15 kW 12 m installation height
  • 20 pcs. Warm air recirculation fans 250 W
  • Power consumption/pump max.: 114 A
  • Power consumption at operating point: 42 kW

2) Pipe network

  • Material: Welded steel
  • Corrosion protection: primed and painted
  • Insulation: 19 mm Armaflex XG
  • Other External protection: Sheet metal

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