Project "Hall air conditioning for logistics center"

2000 m² cold storage +15°C to +25°C

2 R290 heat pumps (redundant)
Cooling operation 140 kW each / Heating operation 139 kW each

Planning and equipping the technical room with redundant network and charging pumps, buffer storage for heating and cooling and complete energy data analysis.

The old stock with R449A direct evaporators and heating registers mounted on them for heat dissipation from the site's gas heating was completely dismantled.

The management of the pharmaceutical logistics service provider decided to use air conditioning for the temperature range +15°C to +25°C via a heat pump system with the natural refrigerant R290 (propane).

The cold/heat distribution takes place via a pipe system with 34% glycol antifreeze mixture. This supplies 12 fan coil units on the hall ceiling. Recirculation fans with speed controllers ensure optimal distribution of warm air in order to meet the requirements in the storage area for pharmaceutical products.

The design of the system takes into account a future reduction in the storage temperature to +4°C to +8°C.

1) Air conditioning equipment for pharmaceutical logistics warehouses +15 to +25°C

  • 2 heat pumps 140 kW heating and cooling ethylene glycol 34%
  • Complete technical room equipment
  • 12 fan coil units 8700 m³/h 12 m installation height
  • 16 warm air return fans 250 W

2) Pipe network

  • Material: welded steel
  • Corrosion protection: primed and painted
  • Insulation: 19 mm Armaflex XG
  • Other external protection: sheet metal

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