Project "Hall Air Conditioning for Logistics Center"

12,000 m² Cooling Warehouse +15°C to +25°C
4 Units R290 Heat Pumps (redundant)
Cooling Operation: 140 kW each / Heating Operation: 206 kW each

Planning and equipping the technical room with redundant networks and loading pumps, buffer storage for heating and cooling, and comprehensive energy data analysis.

For the chilled water supply, 4 reversible air-to-water heat pumps are used, installed outdoors. For redundancy reasons, 4 identical heat pumps are used, of which three can cover the entire power demand.

The fourth heat pump serves as a backup and can be activated at any time. A load rotation with weekly switching for even distribution of operating hours and automatic switching in case of a fault ensures optimal utilization of all components.

The buffer storage with a distributor and pump groups was housed in a newly planned technical room.

The cooling/heating distribution is carried out using fan coil units at the hall ceiling. In heating mode, warm air return fans prevent the air from stratifying into warm and cold zones.

1) Air Conditioning Equipment for Pharmaceutical Logistics Warehouse +15°C to +25°C

  • Complete technical room equipment

  • 4 x R290 (Propane) Heat Pumps 206 kW heating, 168 kW cooling Ethylene Glycol 34% cooling/heating +6°C/+12°C +35°C/+30°C Maximum power consumption: 136 A Power consumption at operating point: 64 kW

  • Power regulation with frequency converters

  • Energy efficiency: EER 2.61 / SCOP 3.91

  • Refrigerant GWP 3.3, only 17.6 kg charge per heat pump

  • 63 fan coil units 12 kW 8700 m³/h 12m installation height

  • 96 warm air return fans 250 W

2) Piping Network

  • Material: Viega Temponox
  • Corrosion Protection: Cr/Ni Steel
  • Insulation: 19 mm Armaflex XG
  • External Protection: Cladding

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