KUSTEC Cooling System „Eagle 45"

An innovative solution for the hydrogen industry. Eagle 45 was developed for use in passenger car applications with high cooling requirements. By utilizing R744 as the refrigerant...

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KUSTEC Cooling System „Eagle 145"

Eagle 145 is a groundbreaking 2-in-1 solution for refueling cars, buses, and heavy commercial vehicles with hydrogen. The system is delivered in a 20-foot ISO container that meets all...

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KUSTEC Cooling System: „Racoon“

Racoon has been specifically designed for high cooling demand applications in cars and provides a cooling capacity of 45 kW. This system allows for high-volume B2B refilling without any...

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KUSTEC Cooling System „BusH2Master"

BusH2Master has been specifically designed for rail vehicles and bus applications, offering an innovative and practical solution for the rapid and easy commissioning of hydrogen refueling...

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KUSTEC Cooling System „H2PCU"

The H2PCU cooling system was developed to provide high cooling performance with low power consumption. This is achieved through the use of an aluminum block heat exchanger, which reduces...

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