Exploring the Future of Hydrogen Refueling

Green hydrogen is paving the way for a sustainable energy future, and the latest research in heavy-duty hydrogen refueling is a testament to this progress. A recent study delves into pre-cooling strategies that could revolutionize the refueling process for fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs).

The study presents a comprehensive analysis of an adaptable cold-fill unit at a hydrogen refueling station, aiming to enhance fueling efficiencies. With a focus on heavy-duty applications, the research explores experimental and simulation models to optimize the required cooling energy.

Key findings suggest that with the right pre-cooling strategy, there’s a potential to save over 50% of cooling energy, significantly contributing to the transition to clean energy. For the heavy-duty transport sector, this research could mean faster refueling times, increased vehicle range, and reduced operating costs - a win for both consumers and the environment.

The study is part of the HERO project at TU Graz, funded by the FFG. Cooperation partners include HyCentA Research GmbH and KUSTEC Kälte- und Systemtechnik GmbH.

As we move towards carbon neutrality, collaborations between researchers and industry leaders like in the HERO project are crucial in developing technologies that support emission-free mobility.

Read the full article here: Investigation of pre-cooling strategies for heavy-duty hydrogen refuelling - ScienceDirect  


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